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Anglican Priest ‘Fighting Father Dave’ – Christian martial a

Father Dave on January 8, 2015 · 7 comments

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Anglican Priest ‘Fighting Father Dave’ – Christian martial arts master – is the only Australian in Holy Orders to have kickboxed for a title and boxed in the…

7 Responses to “Anglican Priest ‘Fighting Father Dave’ – Christian martial a”

  1. ogdgladiator101 says:

    God bless you to…

  2. mcquiston jarhead says:

    This is best ever. for young to growth up youth in parish. I hope my church
    will be like this.

  3. Goatboy44spl says:

    @r32monkii Thats Roman Catholic priests that cannot marry, hes Anglican.

  4. eartina says:

    Dan Bull – Nothing On Jews [an open letter to Benjamin Netanyahu] Jews did
    911 and more – Jewish “Elite” are greedy suckers and trained Israelis to
    kill for them Google Facts not Fairies

  5. r32monkii says:

    i thought priests could marry or have sex? good on him any way

  6. opoly says:

    i box wif him

  7. Brandy Spears says:

    a great release of homosexual tensions i guess.

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